How to buy a website for your business?

It’s the age of internet, and every business needs a website. Google search is our third brain, so if your business is not on the internet, Google cannot find it. It means your potential customers cannot find it.

Year by year, the mobile traffic has grown and now, about half of the internet traffic is from mobile devices.

If you are a small business owner and you need a website, this is a fast way to get one.

Mobile Optimized Website Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

Step One: Write The Content

Yes, you need to write it. You are the owner of the business. You know your customers the best. You know how to speak with potential customers. This knowledge is your best competitive advantage, do you throw it away.

Here are some questions that your content should answer:

  • Why you or your business do what you do? The why is your purpose, that is the reason your customers remember you. The why is the reason people buy from you.
  • How you do it? What is the process how you solve your customer’s pain points?
  • What is the concrete result your customers get when they buy from you?

“Why - How - What” approach is from Simon Sinek’s highly recommended “Start with Why” book.

At this phase, do not worry about the visual outlook of your website at all; the content is that matters.

If the writing does not come naturally, here are a few options that might be useful.

  • Use an application called Grammarly.
  • Write the first draft and then buy a professional copywriter to go through your text and improve it.
  • Write your text and read it aloud to your friend. Reading it aloud is the key.

Don’t worry; after you have published your content, you can make changes to the content as often as you want. Make sure you have the first version ready before moving onto next step.

Step Two: Buy a Domain Name

Domain name is your most valuable asset, and you need to own it. Do not buy a service where the domain belongs to someone else. You are the only one that has the username and password for the service. Domain names can be purchased from domain registrars.

Laptop monitor with HTML on screen Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash

These following services have very little technical differences. Domain registrars price their domain names differently, so each Top-level domain (TLD) has different prices. Top-level domains are i.e. .com and .net . Nowadays there are over 1000 top-level domains.

If you have trouble finding a good domain name, give the Lean Domain Search a try.

General rule is, that you need to point your domain’s DNS records to a website hosting service. You edit the DNS records from your domain registrars control panel. All mentioned domain registrars have very good customer support, so contact them if you need any assistance.

This is a part of your business you should not outsource. You have to register the domain name for you or your business. That is the only way you truly own the traffic to your website.

Step Three: Buy a Website

If you don’t have the technical knowledge to do the website on your own, the internet is full of services where you can buy it.

Girl with a laptop Photo by Tran Mau Tri Tam on Unsplash

Services that sell website hosting:

  • Carrd - If you need a single page for your website, this is ideal for you. And in most cases, that is the thing you need, a webpage where you introduce your business with contact information and opening hours.
  • Squarespace - A content management system that requires very little of technical knowledge. You can design your website by dragging and dropping elements on the page.
  • Wordpress - The most popular content management system that runs an enormous number of websites all over the internet. But a fair warning is due; it has grown very complicated over the years.

Other resources you might need:

  • Shopify - If you need to sell something on your website, Shopify is your choice.
  • Unsplash - Beautiful pictures that you can use freely on your website (this very page has pictures from Unsplash!)

Step Four: Publish and Iterate

Time for coffee Photo by Alexandru STAVRICĂ on Unsplash

After you have your website on the internet, take advantage of the low cost of changing the content. Talk to your customers, ask feedback and make changes. Keep doing this for years, and good things will happen. You are in this for the long run!