How to make an invoice?

The term invoice means the buyer owes money to the seller after a transaction of products or services. When the purchase is made, the seller delivers the product or services and the buyer now owes money to the seller.

It is also a document that describes what kind of products or services the seller has provided to the buyer. Invoice has quantities and prices for each product or service related to a business transaction between a buyer and a seller. If there are any taxes or discounts, they must be stated in the invoice as well.

Making an invoice with pen and paper Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

What document must contain to be an invoice?

An invoice is a document that describes how much money does the buyer owe and what was included in the purchase.

Delivery of the invoice

The seller makes the invoice and then sends it either via email or via postal services. It is also perfectly fine to deliver it in person. Once the invoice is delivered, then the seller will wait for the payment.

Late payments

If the buyer does not make payment in the expected time, a reminder email must be sent as soon as possible. If the email does not have any effect, pick up the phone and call the company and inform about the late payment for an invoice.

If the buyer refuses to make the payment, there are few possibilities, and of course, it is always a good idea to talk to a lawyer.

What are the tools for making an invoice?

Template for an email that can be sent as plain text

This is how it looks at the email client.

This is the same email that you can copy&paste into your email client.


Date: DD-MM-YYYY Invoice number: 2321 Invoice total: $59.80
Fresh Vegetables Ltd Farmroad 2 323 Megacity 1 Email: [email protected] Phone number: 555-1234 Business ID: 34930233-23

BILLED TO: Example Company Ltd 123 Road Calisota (Mr. Bob Smith)
ITEMS: A bag of apples (1kg), $8.90 per bag, 3 bags, $27.70 Oranges 3kg, $19.90, 1 bag, $19.90
Subtotal: $47.60 Taxes: $12.20 Total: $59.80
PAYMENT DETAILS: Bank account 12345-123345 Bank reference code: 1233323449 Due date: January 7, 2020
A monthly interest rate of 1.5% will be applied for late payments.